Welcome to the official "Unwound" website.  Tune in here to find out about the latest news of what events Unwound will be playing at next!

    A little about the band "Unwound"...

    It all started around 1992,  when friends Rodger Coulombe and Dale Ducharme were playing music together in a house band at one of the local clubs in the Ottawa area. Together, they had been playing music the club for close to three years,  all the while becoming the best of friends in the process.   The Club closed,  and not ones to sit in the dumps and mull it over, they decided to form a little group together. The name "Unwound" was thought of by Rodger's wife, Brenda.  One of the songs that Rodger sings in the group is George Straits #1 hit "Unwound".  What a great name for a band! From then on,  we were named "Unwound".

 Over the next few years, Rodger and Dale played music as Unwound, with a number of pick up players, as well as freelanced with many groups around the valley.  In 2004 Mike Hamelin joined on bass guitar, along with Buddy McCann on drums.

    This leads to the present......

   By 2008, Brian joined the crew on Steel Guitar, and  have formed the latest and greatest version of "Unwound" there has ever been..  Their professionalism,  team work  and stage presence,  leave other bands in the dust!  These guys are extremely versatile and can play a wide variety of music ranging from top 40 Country to 50's-90's Country,  main stream rock and roll, bluegrass, blues and easy listening.  They specialize as a back up band for large show events, sometimes playing for 25+ different entertainers during a weekend show.  Between them,  they have a combined 100+ years of experience in music ~ This band has to be  seen to be believed !!!

   We look forward to seeing you at one of our shows!